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The U.S. Ski Boat Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)

Scope of the report The report titled “The U.S. Ski Boat Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” analyzes the potential trend and opportunities for the ski boat market especially in the U.S. The market size and forecast in terms of value and volume is provided for the ski boats market with the outlook for the year 2015-2019. The report provides detailed description of types of leisure boats focusing on power boats and their types. The volume of sales of different types of power boats in the peak year and comparative share of each type of power boat in year 2014 off peak year is also analyzed. Ski boat being the type of the power boat, its share in total power boats as well as in the leisure boats is evaluated. The changes in average selling price of ski boats in the U.S. market over the years have also been taken into consideration while scrutinizing. The ski boat market is largely fragmented thus its players segmented in entry level players and premium players have been analyzed along with their individual share in the market. Their sales by value and volume have been taken into consideration along with the business strategies which they have planned for expanding their market. The report also states the growth drivers of the market as well as challenges which the market faces and the market trend in the past few years. The report also presents Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework to analyze the value chain as well as the competitiveness in the US ski boat market. Company Coverage • Malibu Boats Inc. • Marine Products Corporation • Brunswick Corporation   Executive Summary Boating industry that includes commercial boating and leisure boating have made its existence felt for a long time. Commercial Boating includes usage of boats for commercial purposes such as import & export of goods through waters, commercial fishing while leisure boating includes usage of boats for leisure purposes such as relaxation, water sports activities or fishing for one’s satisfaction. Ski boats are the type of power boats which are used for water skiing and ranges from 20 feet to 24 feet in length. The ski boats market value has been increasing since 2011 and is projected to see the upsurge in the next five years. Its share in the total power boats as well as in total leisure boats have been increasing after the recovery from the recession. The growth drivers for the ski boat market are positive growth in economic conditions, increase in boating participation, increasing purchasing power of consumers, decrease in fuel prices and development of tourism industry. Despite the positive growth drivers, there are certain challenges which the market faces such as regulatory impact of the economies, environmental issues, rise in aging population in certain countries and climatic changes. Considering these market drivers and upcoming challenges for the market, this market is not all the year round industry as it is affected largely by climatic changes. This industry is at its peak in the summer season i.e. May and June which accounts for 70% of the annual sales. This market also faces threat of entrants as the market is very fragmented, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of buyers & suppliers and competitive rivalry among the organizations operating in the market. The leading companies in the market are Brunswick Corporation, Malibu Boats Inc., Nautique, MasterCraft and Marine Products Corporation. These are the premium players in the market accounting for nearly 60% share of the total market.

Published By: Daedal Research
Published Date: Q4 2015

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