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India Automotive Actuators Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2015 - 2020)

The Indian market for automotive actuators is estimated to grow with an estimated CAGR of 13.75% over the forecasted period. This hike in growth is mainly due to India emerging as an automotive component manufacturing hub, sourcing to countries such as US and Germany. Further, major automakers such as Daimler, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Suzuki etc have established their production bases in India, turning the country as a cheap and strategic production and assembly site in the Asia-Pacific region. The spiked production capacities of automobile manufacturing in the country is expected to drive the automakers to source the actuator systems from within the country. Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd, Rotork, Helical Auto Technology India, NOOK IndustriesInc., and Robert Bosch GmbH are some of the key players in the manufacture of these systems. The market for electric actuators and hybrid of electric and hydraulic actuators is expected to grow at a higher CAGR over the coming 5 years, owing to the latest advancements such as mini electric actuators. These mini electric actuators find their extensive application in the advanced driver assistance and automotive sensors systems. Increasing population in India and a subsequent spike in the vehicle owning households spiked up demand for fuel-efficient vehicles. Engine-downsizing trends, stringent IRAI regulations for reduction of emissions and fuel consumption from the automotive industry are some of the major factors that are driving the market for automotive actuators in India.The market was segmented based on the latest technologies: By type (Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric actuator) By application type (Throttle, Fuel Injection, Brake actuator) By vehicle type (Passenger Cars, LCVs, Heavy vehicles). Actuators have been employed in automobiles for long in converting source energy into motion, in short acting as a trigger for an action. With latest technological advancements all across, even this trigger component got upgraded from time to time, in order to the catch up with the growing parent industry. High-response, high-thrust, electrically driven ball screw actuator developed by NTN in 2009 was one notable break through development for this component and from there after several other companies focused on coming up with better actuators. Materials supplier Evonik employed Vestamid HTplus Polypthalamide (PPA) grade in the latest waste date actuator series from Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., which control the flow of gas inside turbo chargers and combines high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. APC International Ltd., developed Peizo auto actuators that are maintenance free and can be operated billions of times without deterioration. Helix Linear Technologies came up with mini electric linear actuators that pose a potential application in tight, compact spaces, like an automotive headlight mount. Why buy this report? This report on India automotive actuator market analyzes the current market trends in the country, in detail. This report offers the technical aspects and economic data of the market and its forecast to the next 5 years (2015-2020). It also discusses the latest technologies in the automotive actuator systems that are under development and in research pipeline. This report provides the list of major players in the market and gives an in depth analyst perspective of what makes the products and strategies of these players stand out from the pack.

Published By: Mordor Intelligence
Published Date: Q1 2016

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